CMG Mind Control in Business:

Competitive advantage No. 1


Mental Techniques like CQM, Remote Viewing and Silva Mind Control are applied to find and resolve informal structures. The result is the facilitation of project completion in scope, in time and in budget as well as efficient business processes and cooperative communication.


The CMG Mind Control is a combination of latest discoveries of neuroscience and various mental techniques. Companies use CMG Mind Control to speed up project workflows and as a solution for: in scope, in time and in budget.

As: Straight paths shorten project run times!

There may be informal structures, disruptive factors known as pitfalls, within the departments and teams. For example, processes may be established in a methodologically correct manner; however, employees become fearful and resistant, and do not take on their roles. The consequence: Workflows are blocked and the desired success does not eventuate. We will use CMG Mind Control to identify and resolve jointly the informal structures working behind the scenes.


What exactly is an informal structure?

cmg skizze englishExample: You start a project with 10 employees. A man is sitting across from a woman; they do not know each other yet but the man realizes that the woman has the same hair style as his ex-wife. – And immediately there is an active informal structure, which will not cause any further damage if the man is aware and eliminates this thought instantly.

If not, then this informal structure can lead the man to behave in a way that he does not want but nonetheless goes ahead with, and the woman experiences this behavior and wonders what is going on. This informal structure causes tension in the team and both of the involved parties do not really understand why they do not get on with each other. If this informal structure is resolved, the atmosphere in the team will become more relaxed, and everyone will be mentally and emotionally capable of moving forward and concentrating on achieving the project goal.



CMG Mind Control Method in companies

Projects only successfully reach their objective without lateral acceleration as soon as all project participants are truly working together as one. And informal structures play a significant role here. With CMG Mind Control the client receives the long-standing expertise in project management in combination with the resolution of informal structures.


CEOs report the following results from applying mental techniques:

  • Increased work efficiency
  • Punctual and successful project completions
  • Considerable time gains
  • Fewer sick employees
  • Increased employee potential and
  • more stable business processes


Managers report:

  • Improved communication
  • More relaxed collaboration in the team
  • how relaxed they feel in their managerial role since then
  • that they feel more reflective
  • that they are much more confident than before when dealing with themselves and others
  • that they experience clarity in their being and daily actions


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