Key question: What type of company culture does your company need to be successful?


Irrespective of whether you want to regulate your succession, the market is calling for innovation or whether you want to retain good employees over the long-term or integrate new employees into the organization: Companies are subject to change.

Successful companies are already doing this. If the culture in a company improves, the effect will manifest itself in growth and profitability. Value-based companies develop a committed, successful company culture for this reason, and culture is decided in the head.
It is not without reason that more and more companies, at present well over 6,000, are using methods to measure the value of these crucial invisible variables. As: anything you can measure can be managed.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) of the Barrett Value Centre are powerful measurement and control systems for CEOs, managers and project managers, and are the basis for shaping company culture.

Getting to know your own TOP ten values, comparing these with the actual values in the current organization, and recognizing the values which make your organization perform more stronglyis a key experience for some people on the way to self-awareness, and overall an epiphany for the organization as to why some things are easy and why others do not function well.

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