Individual References

What CMG Mind Controller say…


… Ms. Guenther surprised and impressed me with her analytical clarity and way of getting straight to the heart of the matter. With her revolutionary coaching tool, she is particularly skilled at working on the root causes of issues in a very short time. As a result, she brought about profound, sustainable changes for my team and I. Ms. Guenther’s charming manner also made it easy for us to master difficult situations. I would like to thank her for the valuable work that she has done for us to date, and I look forward to the next session.

VGH Versicherungen

…after the session, which I found fascinating, I had a good talk with my boss. I feel like a new person. I can not exactly say what has happened, but it feels wonderful. All I can say is that my sensitive stomach has been very relaxed since the session, and I always have a smile on my lips when I think of my boss. We had a talk to clear the air, the sort of talk which would have never happened before the session with Ms. Guenther. The “tool” that she gave me is worth its weight in gold. I gained great new perspectives of myself and my life. Thank you for your support. Thank you for helping me so quickly.

Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

gespräch 1I am extremely satisfied with my life to date and proud of my successes. Nevertheless, I have been looking for ways to make life easier since I was 30. At the beginning of 2014, I was fortunate to meet Claudia Maria Guenther and learn more about a very efficient expertise which guarantees rapid changes. This moment was an important one in my life.

Since then, I have worked with Claudia Maria Guenther on several occasions and I am very grateful for the valuable tools that she has given me. Many doors have opened for me, I have a much better understanding of the coincidences in life which I can influence with these new insights. Thank you very much, Claudia Maria Guenther.“
Nick Wilder, Actor



I received the following phone call:

CEO: “Ms Guenther, we only worked on three company strategies two weeks ago and checked, which of these are still exhibiting informal structures, and which strategy I can use to achieve my company objective most easily, right?”

CMG: “Yes, why, what happened?”

CEO: “Well, I haven’t had any arguments with my wife since then.”

CMG: “Aha, is this a good or a bad thing?”

CEO: “It’s great as we were really suffering as a result of our differences of opinion, and now all of our conversations are totally relaxed.”

CMG: “Then, I’m happy that this is the case and yes, positive “side effects” can always occur in areas in which we haven’t worked directly…it’s absolutely fine.”

CEO: “I had no idea that a company strategy would resolve my marital difficulties. Thanks to your work, I now feel like I have a better understanding of the informal structures you outlined and the effects that they have. Thank you for this. I’ll be in touch again with regard to other matters soon.

… Thank you for your explanations of the very simple, practical examples that you gave us in the workshop. I really enjoyed myself and appreciated your warm, uncomplicated manner. I am going to continue further with CMG Mind Control as my personal development is important to me. The subject should be pursued further in the team to enable growth. Thank you for the wonderful days and the one-on-one sessions. I learnt a great deal, much of which I have already implemented.

Telis Finanz AG

Further voices

…I feel like I have changed. I am more relaxed at the university, and I can even manage my feelings. It is definitely much easier than before the session….


… before the session, I suffered from severe panic attacks; two sessions with Ms. Guenther virtually freed me from the anxiety, my quality of life has also improved in every area, things are better at work, conflicts are being resolved, and my needs are being fulfilled. However, the most important thing is: After 2 meetings, I can enjoy my life again. Ms. Guenther’s work/skills are worth their weight in gold. Thank you.


I would just like to let you know how good the session was yesterday. I was able to study well afterwards and then finally get a good night’s sleep again. And this morning, I studied for a further hour before studying with a colleague from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm. She has just sent me an e-mail to thank me for the productive study session; she has learnt a lot from me today and has caught the motivation bug from me. How wonderful. Once again, many thanks.


…everything has been going brilliantly for me since the session. My health is great, I am doing sport in the mornings again, even going swimming early in the morning twice a week and having fun but respectful conversations with my colleague, who has friendly to me since the session. So, everything’s great. 🙂


… You did a brilliant job. It was a special experience when I reached particular point; perhaps you remember it: “I was worried about my father”, and on the brink of tears. It was very unusual for me to cry in the presence of other people. I have successfully avoided doing so since my childhood – whatever that means in psychological terms. This is further evidence for me of how deeply CMG Mind Control can go.


Claudia Maria Guenther works wonders. I encountered CMG Mind Control for the first time two years ago. It enabled me to make profound changes which would have been unthinkable before the session. When I now found myself facing larger “construction sites”, I agreed to a session with Claudia Maria Guenther. This was the best decision and at the same time the best investment of my life. What happened in the session defies the imagination.


What were these “big topics”? Now I felt like I could not get past what I had already achieved. I was stuck in a job which was not developing the way I wanted – also in salary terms. I was living with my wife and children in an overly small apartment, which was also in an area that did nothing for me.


Then I had the session with Claudia Maria Guenther and it brought the breakthrough which changed everything. After we had worked on the core of my problem for some time and changes had already occurred, we finally defined the goal for the future. We determined every detail of the job that I wanted. We wrote down how my future house should look. Ms. Claudia Maria Guenther noted my envisaged salary, the job that I wanted and that the house should be approximately 150 m² in size, in the greenbelt of the outlying districts of Hamburg, and have an underground station nearby. We did not forget to add the number of rooms, the open-plan kitchen, the 1,000 m² garden and a stretch of water nearby to the goal description.


Now Claudia made all the decisive “corrections” and it seemed as though I was at the point of leaving the impasse behind. Two weeks after this session with Claudia Maria Guenther, I found the above-mentioned house and at the same time the job I wanted. You could even say that the house and the job found me.


… without Claudia Maria Guenther, I would not be where I am today.
Many thanks for everything. PS: Do I need to mention that the job brought me the 40% salary increase that I wanted?