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My name is Claudia Maria Guenther and I have been working in Blue Chip companies in Germany and in the USA since 1990. I have a degree in Business Administration from Germany and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the United States of America. Since 2004, I have been doing freelance Change Management project work in the Aviation, Telecommunications and Health industry. In 2010, I qualified as a CQM Master Coach, developed CMG Mind Control and founded CMG Quantum Consulting.  As a Mind Control consultant, I resolve informal structures in processes, in projects and in and between people using CMG Mind Control. This improves communication, provides new scope for action and results in relaxed interpersonal relationships. The sum of the aforementioned is a committed, success-oriented company culture. More information on the CMG Mind Control.


CMG Mind Control Services


  • Personal and executive development
  • Stress situations – anger, stress, grief, fear – let the pressure go and empower yourself to act!
  • Conflict management – correcting and neutralizing internal conflicts
  • Activating outside-the-box/lateral thinking
  • Powerful, relaxed and clear communication
  • Value added through esteem – developing potential
  • Learn about how you come across to others, and how to resolve adverse behavioral and experience patterns
  • Start your own change processes
  • Recognize your own qualities and resources
  • Value-based communication
  • Using stress exit strategies in challenging situations


Would you like to discuss and work through other issues? I would be very pleased to help you do so.
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