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What my clients say…


Ms. Claudia Maria Guenther convinced us with her comprehensive methods, expertise and social competence as well as her outstanding client/service-oriented approach. In the process, she was also extremely objective and solution-oriented, and resilient. Her effective analytical and structural approaches and methods as well as her excellent communication skills were received very positively in the business units. A dedicated team was positioned under the leadership of Ms. Guenther, who successfully completed the documentation of the first A380 airplanes, which enabled the first flights to take place. She always fulfilled the tasks and responsibilities assigned to her even in highly challenging phases where time was of the essence with the greatest of care and to our complete satisfaction. We would not hesitate to commission Ms. Guenther for new projects in the future.

>> Airbus, A380 electrical engineering and quality engineering <<


Ms. Guenther impressed by her professional competence and interpersonal skills, which were key assets during this very complex project. Her excellent communication skills enabled her to establish constructive business relationships.
All the duties and deliverables assigned to Ms. Guenther were completed to our satisfaction even in time and target date critical phases.
We thank Ms. Guenther for the deliverables that she performed for our project and we wish her further success in her future cooperation projects.

>> Airbus, Logistics <<


Particularly we like to mention Ms. Guenther’s comprehensive expertise in the area of project management. I am pleased to confirm that Ms. Guenther is a committed, focused and motivated consultant who stands out due to her efficient, reliable and conscientious working manner. She was also able to solve problems quickly and successfully, and achieve first-class results even in difficult situations due to her outstanding analytical skills and quick grasp of the issue(s) at hand.

>> Telekom <<


Ms. Guenther is open and confident in her dealings with others. It is a pleasure to work with her as she is always very friendly and helpful. Ms. Guenther completes her tasks in a focused and committed manner. She does so very independently, and is conscientious and meticulous at all times. Her behavior towards her clients is always exemplary, and rounds off the positive overall impression that we gained of her.
I would like to thank her for the valuable work that she has done for us to date, and I look forward to continuing our constructive working relationship in the future.

>> Telekom <<


Ms. Guenther impressed us with her quick analytical skills and her “outside the box” approaches and methods. Her strategic thinking, future-oriented project management and client/service-oriented approach shaped our collaboration positively and successfully. We would not hesitate to commission Ms. Guenther with further projects in the future.

>> Philips Medical Systems <<