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The myth of projects: in scope – in time – in budget

Comprehensive project management / change management / organizational development


How many projects do you know that remained in time and in budget?

Well over 40,000 IT projects have been researched by the Standish Group and presented in the CHAOS report since 1994.


  • 35% of the projects failed, i.e. they were abandoned and never met their objectives
  • 50% exceeded their budget or ran over time, and achieved only a portion of the anticipated results
  • 15% were completed successfully

Looking at several construction projects in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, for example, it appears that IT is not the only sector in which projects do not proceed in scope, in time and in budget.

An increasing number of companies are investing sizable amounts of money to introduce methods and processes that are meant to guarantee the success of their projects.

This is certainly necessary, but is it enough? Informal structures develop where people work closely with one another. These structures are an invisible and not unimportant part of projects which determine whether the project will be in scope, in time or in budget. 

ProjektabläufeStraight paths shorten project run-times and save companies time, money and stress. The removal of procedural and informal interpersonal structures speeds up project workflows.

Elite athletes, astronauts and managers have been using the qualities of mental techniques such as CMG Mind Control for many years. I have been applying mental techniques very successfully in different industries for a long time. Please refer to the case studies and references on this website for more information in this regard.

Dear readers, Your mental and emotional strength during day-to-day life and in high performance situations affects your body and your interactions with others:

Mens agitat molem

Mind controls matter

You will experience the elementary connection between mind and matter live in the CMG Mind Control consulting session.

In a common conversation let’s talk about your personal or company challenges.


Further information: CMG method.


2% of our thoughts are conscious only



Science revealed that 60,000–80,000 thoughts go through our head every day, but only 2% are conscious thoughts. In consultancy sessions you perceive access to your subconscious mind, and thus to 98% unconsciousness and this potential is to be elevated. This allows you to manage your private and professional life more mindfully and carefully with completely different results.






Organizational development, change management & innovation management

  • Receive rapid, definitive clarification of the informal structures that are impeding the existing procedures and processes and resolve them.
  • Supervision of change processes
  • Development of strategic and innovative new processes, products or services
  • Integration of people into processes


Project management

  • Process analysis and design
  • Managing teams, delegating tasks, monitoring results
  • Root cause detection in IT processes, business processes and people


Values – company culture – Cultural Transformation Tools CTT

  • Value-driven companies generate up to 16% more profit
  • This is reason enough to uncover invisible values in senior management and employees, as this promotes commitment and success
  • Occassion: Generation change, succession plan, the market is calling for innovations, retain employees over the long-term and integrate new employees into the company, strengthen team bonds