Claudia Maria Guenther

Structure resolution expert with the CMG method


As the owner of CMG Quantum Consulting, clients and coachees benefit from the toolboxes of the traditional consultancy and coaching systems as well as my ability to recognize and resolve informal structures in their company

I use the CMG methodto resolve these structures in an efficient and caring manner. In the process, I combine elements of the logic-driven business world with those of the mental and emotional world. Companies benefit from my broad range of experience in different roles and long-standing know-how in the areas of consultancy, coaching and training.

Consultant: Cultural change agent, value-based company management with the CMG method, innovation management, project management and change management with mental techniques, which are an integral part of the CMG method
Coach: Stress relief with the CMG method, personal development, executive development, shadowing, strategy development

Trainer: Team building, communication, resilience, mindfulness, mental techniques, CMG method




Industry/professional experience

Coaching and training: 2009 – present

Companies and individuals from the following industries:

  • Logistics, manufacturing industry
  • Gastronomy, business
  • Real estate, insurance, etc.


Company consultancy – freelance company projects: 2004 – present

  • Aviation/aircraft construction: Airbus Deutschland
  • IT: Telekom Deutschland
  • Medical technology: Philips Medical
  • Care industry: Marseille-Kliniken AG


Professional experience: 1990 – 2003

  • Media/Advertising: Alden Image Network, New York, NY and Westport, CT, USA
  • Telecommunications: Siemens Information and Communication Mobile, ICM, San Diego, CA, USA
  • Tourism and service industry:
    • Lufthansa
    • Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten
    • Touristik Union International (TUI)
    • Deutsches Reisebüro